(JPIC) Justice, Peace

A passion for justice, a desire for peace, a concern for creation are essential to the living out of the Gospel.

Our Church’s Social Teaching on justice is rich in wisdom about building a just society, respecting human dignity, peacebuilding, crossing boundaries and caring for God’s creation..

A passion for justice, a desire for peace and a concern for creation are all essential to the living out of the Gospel. They are not optional extras, but core components of Christian faith. The Columbans in the British Region support this in particular through the work of the Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC) team of Peter Hughes SSC (Coordinator) Ellen Teague (Media), James Trewby (Education) and David Madden (Administrator).

Columban missionaries work in solidarity with the poor and the exploited earth, for justice, peace and the integrity of creation. As members of a missionary organisation working in many parts of the world, we are in a key position to link the global and local dimensions of JPIC in Britain. In particular, we focus on the international Columban JPIC priorities of Migration, Environmental Justice, Economic Justice and Peace.


Click here for Columban policy statements on CLIMATE CHANGE, MIGRATION, EXTRACTIVES

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See below for some of the ways we try to help bring this about.

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  • Climate Change

    Columbans in 'The Wave' at Whitehall

    The Columbans regard climate change as a matter of life and death for millions of poor people, and a disaster for the natural world.

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  • Justice and Peace Education

    Ellen, Ger and James

    Columban Justice and Peace Education helps young people and educators explore the relationship between faith and action, working through schools, parishes and collaborative projects.

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  • Food and Water

    Fr Sean McDonagh with Vandana Shiva of India addressing the National Justice and Peace Conference 2010 'Our Daily Bread - Food Security, People and Planet.

    Columbans contend that the rush to patent life will devalue all life and, instead of feeding the world, it will exacerbate hunger and malnutrition.

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  • Extractive Industries

    Bishop John Arnold of Westminster joins Clare Short MP at the February 2009 launch of the report 'Philippines: Mining or Food?'

    The Columbans support local communities in their opposition to destructive large-scale mining, particularly in the Philippines.

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  • Migration

    Fr Aodh O'Halpin and Sr Margaret Healy with a  J4DW protest.

    The Columban Missionary Society believes in the human right to mobility and works to improve global conditions for migrant labourers.

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Vocation for Justice Magazine

VocforJus SUMMER 2017

Vocation for Justice is produced by the Columban Justice and Peace (JPIC) team in Britain covering a wide range of issues including Environmental Justice, Patenting Life, Migrants, Mining and UK Poverty.

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