Jonah Jane Enterina

A Columban lay missionary from The Philippines.

Jonah Jane G. Enterina – known as Jayjay and aged 31 – is from Mindanao in the Philippines. She is eldest daughter of Melvin and Jeanefer Enterina, who are both active members of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter movement, Bukas-Loob sa Dios Community and Charismatic Renewal. She has two brothers – Jogjog and Jb – and a sister, Mimin, back in the Philippines. Jayjay has a degree in Psychology from Ateneo de Cagayan -Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro City.

From 2001, she was one of the pioneering members of the Dehonian Youth Missionaries in Cagayan and participated with the Canossian Volunteers Philippines. This meant going to far flung mountains in Mindanao, serving Christian communities and indigenous peoples. Later on, she volunteered for three years with the youth ministry of the Archdiocesan Youth Apostolate in Cagayan de Oro, helping to organise youth events and gatherings like the visit of the World Youth Day Cross in 2008.

Through her involvement with young Catholics, she participated in conferences and seminars of the Mindanao-Sulu Pastoral Council-Youth, which involved various programs and conflict-resolution workshops among young Christians, Muslims and indigenous youth in Mindanao. She was also involved in the Archdiocesan Good Governance Apostolate in Cagayan de Oro.

From 2009, Jayjay has been a Columban lay missionary, answering the call for overseas mission here in Britain. Now based in Birmingham, she presently works at St. Chad’s Sanctuary, assisting asylum seekers and destitute people, which includes providing them with food and clothes. She also works in St. John’s Anglican Church with ‘Little Angels’, a playgroup for young children and toddlers from mainly Muslim families.

Jayjay says of her work in Britain:
“I find mission here in Britain as a lay missionary both inspiring and challenging. I am invited to be flexible in relating to a variety of cultures and faith. Being on mission in Britain has opened more avenues for respect, understanding, and most especially listening to others’ life stories. More importantly, I enjoy celebrating friendships in a multi-faith community.”

Jayjay recently participated in a week-long retreat at Loyala Hall. She shares with us a prayer reflection she wrote there:

Jayjay at St Chad\'s Sanctuary

In slowing down, see footsteps softly walking.
In silence, hear quiet sounds of music.
In stillness, smell fragrance of wild flowers.
In surrendering, clasp two hands in prayer.
And in the Spirit, sing songs of joy in the Heart of Jesus.