Fr Sean McDonagh SSC

Irish Columban Fr Sean McDonagh is known around the world as an eco-theologian who works to raise awareness on the connections between justice and peace issues, environmental sustainability and faith.


He is an outspoken critic of policies that allow for the systematic degradation of the environment, linking them to global poverty and the increased suffering of the poor.

It was during his work with the indigenous T’boli people on the Philippine island of Mindanao in the 1970s and 1980s that his understanding of environmental issues and the relationship between faith, justice and ecology took hold. He spent significant time working alongside creation theologian Thomas Berry in the United States, and strongly urges the church to take up John Paul II’s challenge to undergo a ‘ecological conversion’ advocating that environmental justice must be a core Catholic activity.

Sean is the author of numerous articles and nine books including Climate Change: The Challenge to All of Us, Greening the Christian Millennium, Care for the Earth and Dying for Water. He highlights the causes and consequences of issues such as global warming, genetically engineered food, water pollution, the nuclear industry and loss of biodiversity. He is a patron of Christian Ecology Link and writes a weekly column in The Universe Catholic newspaper.