Mission in Britain

The Columbans, ordained and lay, along with co-workers, have had a missionary presence in Britain for over 60 years. We believe that our experience overseas broadens our vision of the Church and we bring this important aspect to our work in Britain.

Through collaboration and networking, the Columbans have laid down deep roots in Britain. We raise awareness of the missionary dimension of the Church, encouraging and listening to the local Church in its efforts to reach out beyond its boundaries for the sake of the Good News of Jesus Christ, and inviting others to participate in the mission of God.

We respond to our call to evangelise in Britain by:

Seeking the signs of God’s Spirit at work in our situation, we engage in mission in cooperation with others of like vision and in openness to what God is doing among us and in our world.

From the start, the people of Britain have been very generous to the Columbans by providing spiritual and financial support for our mission in Britain and in other countries. 

Thank you for your support!

Meet the Columban Director in Britain

Far East Magazine

December 2018 Cover

A Columban Publication that reports on the work of Columban Missionaries, seeking spiritual and material support for our Missions around the world.

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