Exchange of Personnel For Mission

In 1977, the Columban Missionary Society began to explore avenues for greater cooperation with laity in cross-cultural mission. This cooperation flowered in a commitment to partnership with laity in mission through Columban Lay Mission (CLM). More than 70 lay missionaries from twelve of the countries where Columbans work are involved in Columban lay mission around the world. They are engaged in pastoral and outreach work with local communities, often focusing on social justice work and interfaith dialogue.

Britain has a receiving and sending programme for lay people who are called to work in cross-cultural mission. Columban lay missionaries from the Philippines and Chile currently work in Birmingham and a British woman is on Columban mission in Peru. In the near future we plan to send overseas a team of lay missionaries from Britain. Lay missionaries are normally aged between 23 and 40 years of age and must be committed Catholics supportive of Columban mission. They are asked to make a commitment of at least three years.

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For more than sixty years, the Columban Associate Priests’ Programme has facilitated diocesan priests in the countries where we work who wish to minister for some time in overseas, cross-cultural mission. Quite a number of priests from dioceses in Britain have worked with Columbans in Chile and Peru. Though dioceses in Britain are experiencing a severe shortage of priests, we still invite priests to engage in overseas mission with us for a limited period. Many have found that such an experience greatly enhances their ministry on return to their dioceses.

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