Prayer Requests to the Columban Community

If you would like the Columban community and our readers to pray for a special intention, please send us an email with your Prayer Request and we will publish your prayer request here:

We will not publish any names in these Prayer Requests unless asked to do so.

Please send the details to us by the Email below or write to the address on the bottom of this page.


You are invited to join in prayer for the intentions listed below:

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    Please pray for Kathleen Powell, RIP

    Please pray for the soul of Kathleen Powell who died on 15th April 2013 five
    weeks after her dear husband Louis Powell. She found such comfort in her
    faith and always supported the Columban Missionaries.

    May Kathleen and Louis find the fullness of Life in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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    Please pray for the souls of family ancestors

    A subscriber  asks us to remember in our prayers:

    The Souls of family ancestors and friends.

    to pray also for the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation.


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    Please pray For the healing of my cousin, Rosemary Jane Robinson

    We are asked to remember in our prayers:


    For the healing of my cousin, Rosemary Jane Robinson, who has just been diagnosed with cancer in her head, and for the repose of the soul of her late husband, Mike.

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    Please pray for Eileen Glanowski, RIP

    We are asked to remember in our prayers:


    Please pray for  Eileen Glanowski, a supporter of the Columban Fathers, who died on 11 November 2012.

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    November list of the dead

    Please pray for the people on this list. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful find the fulness of life in God.

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    Please pray for Maggie

    We are asked to remember in our prayers:


    Please pray God will give Maggie peace & joy, and let her win the lawsuit. God of justice knows she is innocent!

    Please also pray God will help her  find a new good career and enough to pay the rent. Thanks! God bless you all!

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    November list of the dead

    It is our custom to pray for  our supporters, their friends and relations, who have died, especially during the month of November.

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    Please pray for Columban Priests Recently Died

    Fr. Michael Healy SSC died in Irelad and Fr. Norbert Feld SSC died in USA on the 10th September

    May they rest in the joy and peace of Christ.

  • cross-celt

    Please pray for Michael Stevens

    We are asked to remember in our prayers Michael Stevens, especially on 19th October.

    May he find the joy and happiness of the faithful in the presence of the Holy Trinity.

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    Please pray for Oliver Chadwick

    We ask you to join our prayers for Oliver Chadwick at this time.

    May the Lord Jesus Be with you always.