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    An Integral Approach to Mission

    At Easter, a group from Britain visited St. Bernadette’s Children’s Centres in Lima, Peru. Here, Fr. Tony Coney (pictured below), who began the project, believes we are called to nurture and value the goodness in every child.

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    Reflections on Mission for April

    Week 1, Active nonviolence
    Week 2, Appreciating the natural world
    Week 3, Civilisation of Love
    Week 4, Nuclear nightmare

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    Columban Love Story

    “When I left Peru to go to the Philippines, I wondered what I’d find there”, observes Marisol Rojas, a former Columban Lay Missionary. Perhaps the last thing she expected to find was a husband. This is a true love story

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    Reflections on Mission for March

    Week 1, Fair Trade
    Week 2,Globilsation
    Week 3, Bleeding to Death
    Week 4, A simpler Lifestyle

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    Reflections on Mission for February

    Week 1, Mission Today
    Week 2, Indifference kills
    Week 3, Enthusiasm for Mission
    Week 4, Water of Life

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    Reflections on Mission for January

    Week 1, Companions in Mission
    Week 2, Mission as Pilgrimage
    Week 3, Blessed Peacemakers
    Week 4, Missionaries as Dreamers

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    November prayers for the Dead

    During the month of November, the Columban community places lists of the dead before the Altar in our chapel and are remembered during our Masses. 

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    Reflections on Mission for November

    Week 1, The Spirit of God in Creation
    Week 2, Warped Values
    Week 3, The call to undergo an “ecological conversion”
    Week 4, Mission Spirituality

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    NJPN Conference: Unearthing the buried Jesus

    In a workshop at the NJPN Conference last weekend, David Rhodes, Anglican minister and author, spoke of how the Church over time buried Jesus under heaps of dogmas, rituals and institutional structures.

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    Poor Britain!

    ‘Britain is a wealthy nation, a developed country, and a society which offers multiple opportunities to some of its people. But, ‘don’t forget the poor!’ Mauricio Silva, Columban Lay Mission Co-ordinator, shares his experience of mission in Britain.