How Will You Respond to the Call of God to Serve?

Have you considered how you will serve? Our Missionary Society involves priests, sisters, lay missionaries, staff and volunteers from around the world, all of whom have answered the call.

If you are ready to talk further, contact us and we’ll explain more about what it means to be a missionary, a Columban Priest, Sister or Lay Missionary, and we’ll listen carefully to your questions. Discernment is personal, spiritual and unique to each of us, just as God’s plans for us have been since your baptismal day.

  • Vocations for Priests

    Group of Columban Priests

    Columban missionary priests integrate ordained ministry within the Christian community with outreach beyond the boundaries of the Church. They are committed to a life of Christian discipleship, prayer and service of others.

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  • Vocations for Sisters

    Columban sisters

    The Columban Sisters are a congregation of missionary religious women whose commitment to God leads them to cross boundaries of culture, language and belief to proclaim the Good News of Jesus in today's world.

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  • Vocations for Lay People

    Lay missionaries from Chile and the Philippines, working in Britain, celebate mass with Fr Ray Collier and Sr Breda Noonan.

    Columban Lay Missionaries are an intercultural group of women and men, single and married, called to respond to God’s mission by crossing boundaries of culture, gender, creed and race.

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