Lay missionary Joan Yap with children in Taiwan.

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There are sixteen men and women serving in the Taiwan Mission Unit. We come from eight different countries. We have six ordained missionaries, seven lay missionaries and three seminarians. Language learning and cultural adaptation is given a very important emphasis on first arrival.

Our priority apostolates are a) working with migrant workers and immigrants and b) working with tribal people in the mountains. We also have members ministering to adults and children with HIV/Aids, homeless women, youth in prison and recovering alcoholics.

We have responsibility for two parishes in the diocese of Hsinchu. Those of us who are in the migrant worker and immigrant apostolate serve in three workers centers in the diocese of Hsinchu . We respond to the spiritual and social needs of migrants from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam as well as immigrants from other countries. We lobby the government for changes to the law as well as seek legal redress for individuals who are being abused in their work situation.

Apart from the work we do, we believe the way we are on mission has a very important witness value. Thus we meet regularly for social interaction and once monthly for a sharing of life. Most of our important decision making is done with the whole group; lay, ordained and students participating together, and each member has responsibility for at least one administrative role.


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