Ecumenical Walk of Witness in Birmingham

8th May 2012 - by Rosalia Basada

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Rose Basada is a Filipina Columban Lay Missionary based in Birmingham. Here she writes about an ecumenical Walk of Witness which she participated in during Good Friday.

I felt happy to be part of the Good Friday ecumenical Walk of Witness over the Easter period. It was an overwhelming experience to be in a group of approximately 100 people from local communities in the area. It was very well attended by different Christian organisations from local communities. These included Evangelicals, Protestants, Baptists and Catholics.

We begin the prayer at Ladypool Congregational church, and then we proceeded to the park behind Nelson Mandela School where we had our first prayer stop. It was led by English Martyrs Justice and Peace group, together with my Columban colleagues. The prayer was concluded with the song entitled ‘We are one in the Spirit’ which proclaims, ‘We are one in the Spirit, We are one in the Lord…and we pray that all unity may one day be restored…’ I just felt it really made sense singing that song and it motivated me to carry on walking.

Then we moved to St. John’s church. While we were walking I noticed that we were increasing in numbers. A group of black Africans had joined us on the road to St. John’s and there was vibrancy and liveliness. I felt that what we shared as Christians was more important than our differences.

Then after the St. John’s stop we proceeded to a Seventh Day Adventist Church. On the way I got the chance to join in carrying the cross and it was indeed a great feeling. It was a liberating experience for me because in my country, where the majority are Catholics, I have never seen a woman carrying the cross during Lenten activities and even on Good Fridays. That was an emotional highlight for me. So, I’ve carried the cross through a Seventh Day Adventist Baptist Church! It was great to have this experience,

I am happy I was able to mingle and meet people from other Christian denominations and culture. For me, the Walk of Witness was an inspiration. I found it very uplifting and life giving.