The Living God

28th January 2011 - by Jonah Jane Enterina

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On 26 January, Columban Lay Missionaries attended a talk given by Jose Henriquez, one of the Chilean miners who was trapped in the San Jose Mine and successfully rescued in October 2010. He spoke of his ordeal and haow his faith kept him going. Here, Filipina lay missionary Jonah Jane Enterina offers a short reflection about that.

It was a priviledge to be able to hear and meet Jose Henriquez, one of the Chilean miners who was trapped underground for nearly three months last Autumn. I felt happy and inspired to hear his story of faith as he lived and survived that terrible situation. I was deeply touched when he said that his experience had led him to more deeply praise and worship the living God. He felt the Holy Spirit gave the miners the courage to go on and keep on believing that God would save them from their trial 700 meters beneath the surface.

He reported how all 33 miners initially had to survive on biscuits and a little water to share between all of them. They had to be mindful and sensitive to each other’s needs. And that was the beginning of the strengthening of their community through work and prayer. What struck me most was when Jose mentioned that they were not alone because there was a 34th miner with them – Jesus.

As he was sharing, I felt the love that he has for his family and I am grateful to be reminded of how important our family is. Jose’s family supported him through prayers, especially his wife Blanca, who said the best thing to do was to turn off the telivision and come together to fast and pray.

During the days of waiting in hope and anticipation, Jose humbled himself, together with his companions, as they knelt down and touched the ground in prayer before God. Hearing this I felt joy for I was given the example that even in the midst of uncertainty and fear, I am invited to bend down on my knees and clasp my hands in reverence to the Lord.

Finally, the day came when they were all saved. They were united at last with their wives and children and the rest of the world who waited long enough to be reunited once more.

And as Jose put it: “wherever you are, may it be in your home or at work, or even below the earth, surface, it is God’s Temple and surely He will come and meet you”…