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Are you being called to serve God and the world with the Columban missionaries?

Founded as a society of priests, Columban mission today is a partnership of priests, sisters and lay people. Some are called to commit their whole lives as a Columban priest or sister, while others feel called to make a shorter-term commitment as lay missionaries, co-workers and volunteers.

Here you can find out more about the opportunities available for participating in Columban mission to help you discern how God is calling you to be a ‘missionary disciple’ of Jesus Christ.

You are welcome to contact us for more information and we will listen carefully to your questions.

  • As a Columban priest

    Group of Columban Priests

    Columban missionary priests integrate ordained ministry within the Christian community with outreach beyond the boundaries of the Church. They are committed to a life of Christian discipleship, prayer and service of others.

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  • As a lay missionary

    Hands of the poor

    Columban Lay Missionaries are an intercultural group of women and men, single and married, called to respond to God’s mission by crossing boundaries of culture, gender, creed and race.

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  • As a Columban Sister

    08 Columban Sisters new leadership team (web750)

    The Columban Sisters are a congregation of missionary religious women whose commitment to God leads them to cross boundaries of culture, language and belief to proclaim the Good News of Jesus in today's world.

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  • Invitation to Mission


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Far East Magazine

December 2018 Cover

A Columban Publication that reports on the work of Columban Missionaries, seeking spiritual and material support for our Missions around the world.

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