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  • Ger with a child at the creche in Lady Pool 12th August 2013

    A Time To Be A Mother?

    by Gertrudes Samson

    The Bible says: “For everything there is appointed season for everything there is a time under heaven”. When I was a child I told my mother, “Mum, when I grow up I would like to have many children, a big family like what you and father have”.

  • St Chad's 14th August 2012

    United through the Gift of Art

    by Gertrudes Samson

    Here a Filipina lay missionary, based in Birmingham, shares her experience of a ‘Recycled Craft’ Session with asylum seekers and refugees. Gertrudes Samson saw the session, offered as part of a holiday scheme at St Chad Sanctuary, as an opportunity to integrate creative work with simple advocacy for the Integrity of Creation. She writes: