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Blogs and articles from Britain and around the world written by Columban missionaries and people experiencing Columban mission, covering the broad range of Columban mission themes.

Blogs and Articles by Stephen Awre

  • 2-world-cup-fever-spain-from-news (web450) 12th June 2014

    Pentecost and the World Cup

    by Stephen Awre

    As the World Cup begins and with the feast of Pentecost still fresh in our hearts and minds, Fr. Tom O’Reilly compares the heightened interest among supporters in the fortunes of their country to the first Pentecost.

  • rene-boy-eramis-thumbnail 26th December 2013

    The Boys of Balay San Columbano

    by Stephen Awre

    Fr. Don Kill introduces us to the young people in the care of Balay San Columbano in Ozamiz in the Philippines. 

  • amina-nathaniel-paul-web2 26th November 2013

    Christmas Appeal

    by Stephen Awre

    ‘At Christmas we celebrate with joy the fact that God shared a most precious gift with us. This is what prompts us to share with those who are most needy, but we are also enriched by the lives of the people to whom we are sent.’

  • eamonn-obrein-yt-thumbnail-web 30th October 2013

    China Revealed

    by Stephen Awre

    In a new interview, Fr. Eamonn O’Brien SSC speaks about the work of the Cultural Exchange with China, a charity supported by the Columbans.