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Blogs and articles from Britain and around the world written by Columban missionaries and people experiencing Columban mission, covering the broad range of Columban mission themes.

Blogs and Articles by Ellen Teague

  • Columbans support 'The Wave' climate march in December 2009. 19th September 2014

    People’s Climate March – for our common future

    by Ellen Teague

    On 23 September, 120 world leaders – including Prime Minister David Cameron – will meet for an historic climate change summit in New York.

  • Ellen Teague 8th November 2011

    Women in the Church – Thoughts from a Laywoman

    by Ellen Teague


    A talk given by Ellen Teague on 3 November 2011 at the Sacred Heart Church in Bilton, Rugby, as part of their series of talks ‘Living Faith and the Future of the Church’.

  • Fr. Joe Ryan 21st October 2011

    Westminster Archdiocese to “build peace with the 2012 Games”.

    by Ellen Teague

    Days before the United Nations in New York passed a resolution on Monday supporting an Olympic truce for next year’s London 2012 Games, Westminster Archdiocese launched its own peace initiative for parishes linked to the Games. Columban Justice and Peace was represented by Ellen Teague, who ran a Columban stall.

  • Hertford College 17th October 2011

    We Can’t Live on the Internet – a Reflection for World Food Day

    by Ellen Teague

    The following talk was given by Ellen Teague during the evensong service for World Food Day – 16 October – in the Chapel of Hertford College, Oxford University at the invitation of the chaplain, Revd Gareth Hughes.

  • Children planting vegetable seeds at the National Justice and Peace network Conference 2010. 23rd June 2011

    Food – Taking back responsibility

    by Ellen Teague

    “Eleanor’s courgette has grown so much this past week, and she’s checking it all the time”. My friend’s young daughter was in the children’s programme at the National Justice and Peace Network of England and Wales Conference last weekend in Derbyshire – ‘Our Daily Bread – Food security, People and Planet’.

  • A Columban organic farm in the Philippines. 23rd June 2011

    No patents on life

    by Ellen Teague

    I was married in 1980. Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador was martyred in 1980. Solidarity challenged the Soviet-backed government of Poland in 1980. The Iran-Iraq war broke out in 1980. Yet, perhaps more momentous than any of these was a landmark case in 1980 in the U.S. Supreme Court where a judge ruled that, for the first time, forms of life could be patented. A scientist, Ananda Chakrabarty, was permitted to patent a bacterium that he had genetically engineered to digest oil spills.

  • Log truck returning to Barito Pacific camp, East Kalimantan. 23rd June 2011

    What part of ‘No’ don’t mining companies understand?

    by Ellen Teague

    The world’s largest mining company has been urged to halt its coal mining operations on the Indonesian island of Borneo by representatives of indigenous people who report that mining “has destroyed our forests, rivers and livelihoods”. A day ahead of BHP Billiton’s London AGM on 21 October, they spoke to an “alternative report”, presented at the House of Lords during an evening meeting chaired by Baroness Sue Miller of Chilthorne Domer.

  • Ellen Teague 4th October 2009

    A Christian response to Climate Change

    by Ellen Teague

    Writer and campaigner Ellen Teague  gave the following short talk during Sunday Masses at Our Lady Help of Christians  in north London,  as part of the parish’s St Francis of Assisi weekend on climate change.

  • Ellen Teague 23rd June 2008

    The Atlantis Effect

    by Ellen Teague

    The president of Kiribati, a small Pacific nation of low-lying atolls, has issued an appeal for the international community to help relocate its population as the nation’s 33 atolls begin to succumb to the sea

  • Ellen Teague 23rd June 2007

    Ecological Conversion

    by Ellen Teague

    Climate Change is not only shooting up political and economic agendas, it is steadily rising up Church agendas too; our correspondent attended a rally in London ahead of November’s climate talks in Nairobi