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Blogs and articles from Britain and around the world written by Columban missionaries and people experiencing Columban mission, covering the broad range of Columban mission themes.

Blogs and Articles relating to Columban Lay Mission

  • Cross and Candle 22nd June 2017

    Youth SVP visit Fatima House in Birmingham

    by Nathalie Marytsch

    Fatima House is an accommodation project for destitute women in Birmingham, co-founded and run by the Columbans. In May, the project coordinator Mauricio Silva and Columban Lay Missionary Nathalie Marytsch welcomed a group of young students.

  • archbishop-bernard-longley-rose-and jane 11th October 2015

    Archbishop Bernard Longley mentions the Columbans’ work among refugee and asylum seekers in his most recent Pastoral Letter

    by Nathalie Marytsch

    The following Pastoral Letter from the Archbishop of Birmingham, Bernard Longley, was appointed to be read in all of the Churches and Chapels of the Diocese on 10/11 October

  • RoseReadingRomeColumban 18th October 2014

    Columban’s Day in Rome 2014 by Rose Basada

    by Rosalia Basada

    It was a blessing and privilege for me to participate in the Rome opening of celebrations to mark the 1400th anniversary of the death of St Columban. The Irish saint is the patron of the Missionary Society of St Columban.

  • Jayjay, Award ceremony 28th April 2014

    Lay missionary completes Faith Guiding Course

    by Jonah Jane Enterina

    We congratulate Jonah Jane Enterina (Jayjay) a Columban lay missionary from the Philippines, who recently completed a Faith Guiding course in Birmingham.  In the award ceremony speech, Jayjay shared her experience the course.

  • Ger with a child at the creche in Lady Pool 12th August 2013

    A Time To Be A Mother?

    by Gertrudes Samson

    The Bible says: “For everything there is appointed season for everything there is a time under heaven”. When I was a child I told my mother, “Mum, when I grow up I would like to have many children, a big family like what you and father have”.

  • Interfaith- cardinal Tauran 17th June 2013

    Columban missionaries meet Cardinal Tauran

    by Nathalie Marytsch

    Fr Ray Collier SSC and lay missionaries Nathalie and Mauricio Silva recently met Cardinal Tauran, the Vatican’s senior official heading up the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue

  • communitas-1edited 23rd January 2013

    Focus on Vulnerable Brings Faiths Together

    by Mauricio Silva

    Mauricio Silva is a Columban Lay Missionary from Chile, working in Birmingham, and one of the  leaders for the Communitas project in Birmingham.

  • Rose and  Reem 19th January 2013

    My Inspiration by Rose Basada

    by Rosalia Basada

    A Columban lay missionary in Birmingham pays tribute to an Iraqi asylum seeker who died suddenly in December.

  • Mauricio Silva and John Dear 7th September 2012

    The peace witness of Fr John Dear

    by Nathalie Marytsch

    Mauricio Silva, a Chilean Columban lay missionary in Birmingham, reports on a talk he attended given by prominent peace campaigner, Fr John Dear SJ.

  • St Chad's 14th August 2012

    United through the Gift of Art

    by Gertrudes Samson

    Here a Filipina lay missionary, based in Birmingham, shares her experience of a ‘Recycled Craft’ Session with asylum seekers and refugees. Gertrudes Samson saw the session, offered as part of a holiday scheme at St Chad Sanctuary, as an opportunity to integrate creative work with simple advocacy for the Integrity of Creation. She writes: