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Blogs and articles from Britain and around the world written by Columban missionaries and people experiencing Columban mission, covering the broad range of Columban mission themes.

Blogs and Articles relating to Education

  • Migrants are our neighbours 19th March 2018

    I was a Stranger and you made me Welcome by Ahlaam Moledina

    by Stephen Awre

    Read Ahlaam Moledina’s winning entry to the Columbans’ young journalists print competition on the theme, ‘Migrants are our Neighbours’. She is a pupil of Bishop Challoner Catholic College, Birmingham.

  • Prayer with young people from El Paso 23rd March 2016

    Am I part of the problem? by Julia Corcoran

    by Julia Corcoran

    As part of the group that is spending Holy week in El Paso, Julia Corcoran, the ‘Faith in Action volunteer’ reflects on the role each of us play as part of the many different crisis’ around the world.

  • Anna-lobbying-on-climate-change 6th January 2016

    Reflections on Laudato Si’ for those who walk with the young

    by James Trewby

    One of my highlights of the last weeks was sitting with a group of secondary school teachers, reading and discussing extracts from the Pope’s encyclical, Laudato Si’. It was great to hear their enthusiasm and to share in the challenges and encouragement the document presents to those who work with the young.

  • Columbans at Climate Lobby 6th August 2015

    Now recruiting: Faith in Action Volunteer

    by James Trewby

    The Columbans and CYMFed are seeking to appoint a ‘Faith in Action Graduate Volunteer’. This will be a year of personal development and growth, putting faith into action in justice and peace education and in supporting