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Blogs and articles from Britain and around the world written by Columban missionaries and people experiencing Columban mission, covering the broad range of Columban mission themes.

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  • jayjay-guitar 13th August 2012

    United through the Gift of Music

    by Jonah Jane Enterina

    A Filipina Columban lay missionary based in Birmingham writes about helping out at a holiday scheme with refugees and immigrants at St. Chad’s Sanctuary. JayjayEnterina writes:

  • walk-of-witness-3 8th May 2012

    Ecumenical Walk of Witness in Birmingham

    by Rosalia Basada

    Rose Basada is a Filipina Columban Lay Missionary based in Birmingham. Here she writes about an ecumenical Walk of Witness which she participated in during Good Friday.

  • flame   Congress 29th March 2012

    Flame Congress

    by Nathalie Marytsch

    Jayjay Enterina  and Rose Basada, Columban lay missionaries, share their reflections   on  the   Flame Congress they attended recently.

  • Nathalie Marytch speaking an interdenominational Women's world day of prayer on 4th March 2011 15th June 2011

    How many loaves have you? (Mark 6:30-44)

    by Nathalie Marytsch

    This was the title given to this years’ interdenominational Women’s world day of prayer on 4th March 2011,which was dedicated to Chile this year . Nathalie, Bernardita (from Chile) and Rose (from the Philippines) were invited to a Service in a Methodist church in Selly Park, Birmingham. Nathalie spoke of her country with great pride. She writes:

  • Nathalie Marytch speaking an interdenominational Women's world day of prayer on 4th March 2011 28th January 2011

    The Living God

    by Jonah Jane Enterina

    On 26 January, Columban Lay Missionaries attended a talk given by Jose Henriquez, one of the Chilean miners who was trapped in the San Jose Mine and successfully rescued in October 2010. He spoke of his ordeal and haow his faith kept him going. Here, Filipina lay missionary Jonah Jane Enterina offers a short reflection about that.