Books and Reports

Text resources produced by the Columbans or in collaboration with others.

  • oneworldandyou

    New booklet – OUR WORLD AND YOU


    The Columbans are one of the publishers of a new booklet celebrating the 1971 Synod of Bishops on ‘Justice in the World’.

  • Reflecting on Mission

    Reflecting on Mission

    Columban missionaries around the world reflect on mission in short quotes and discussion questions covering each week of the year.

  • Book - Climate change: the agenda for today

    Climate Change: The Agenda for Mission Today

    Contains papers and reports presented in 2007 at a Columban international conference in the Philippines on climate change.

  • Book - Climate change

    Climate Change: The Challenge to all of us

    By Sean McDonagh

    Sean describes how the threat of climate change comes about and shows the consequences of global warming.

  • Book - The death of life

    The Death of Life: The Horror of Extinction

    By Sean McDonagh

    Sean considers many habitats under threat of destruction, such as coral reefs and mangrove forests, well as the different types of species threatened. This passionate book is a plea for action before it is too late to save 11,000 species currently under threat of extinction.

  • Book - Dying for water

    Dying for Water

    By Sean McDonagh

    Sean here detailed the causes and consequences of an environmental problem that is set to become a major crisis of the 21st century.

  • Book - Why are We Deaf to the Cry of the Earth?

    Why are We Deaf to the Cry of the Earth?

    By Sean McDonagh

    Human beings and the natural world are on a collision course. We are destroying our air, water and the life-giving quality of sunlight.

  • 140x105

    Greening the Christian Millennium

    By Sean McDonagh

    Sean asks what helps the Christian tradition gives towards understanding the environmental concerns of our time.

  • Book - Passion for the earth

    Passion for the Earth

    By Sean McDonagh

    Sean focuses on the fact that modern economic patterns of production, distribution, consumption, trade and development are taxing and even breaching the regenerative capacity of the biosphere.

  • Book - The greening of the church

    The Greening of the Church

    By Sean McDonagh

    Sean unpacked some of the theological and pastoral implications of his earlier passionate appeal to the church to respond to the ecological crisis facing the Earth.