DVD / Video

Video resources produced by the Columbans or in collaboration with others.

  • Columban Flame Videos

    The Columban JPIC team, mission office and lay missionaries were represented at the gathering of 10,000 young people and their youth leaders at Flame 2017 at Wembley Arena, North London, on Saturday.

  • An Interview with Cardinal Bo of Myanmar

    Ellen Teague interviews Cardinal Bo about the influence of missionaries in Myanmar.

  • Migrant Mass at Westminster Cathedral May 2016

    Migrant Mass at Westminster Cathedral May 2016

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    Migrant Crisis?: The Big Debate

    Migrant Crisis?: The Big Debate

  • ‘Conflict and Climate Change’

    ‘Conflict and Climate Change

    A trailer for an 18 minute DVD’ which was produced in October 2013 and which Columban JPIC has supported and helped produce.


  • Warmi Huasi

    British Columban Fr Ed O’Connell introduces a project in his parish in Lima, Peru,
    Warmi Huasi, a project that promotes the well-being of woman and children.



  • Born in the Pain of Others – Columbans In Korea

    In the Korean peninsula war, 1950-1953 the Korean People suffered unimaginable losses.

    Seven young Columbans stood with them and did not abandon them in their pain and loss. They paid the ultimate price and joined countless martyrs of the young Korean church.

  • Violence and Drug Wars in Juarez, Mexico

    Father Kevin Mullins of the Columban Fathers is interviewed by Lucky Severson of “Religion and Ethics-Newsweekly.” Aired: March 26th, 2010 Juarez Drug Wars.



  • South Asia and the changing climate

    South Asia and the changing climate
    Climate change has already deeply affected the economic growth and development of South Asia. About 70 percent of South Asians live in rural area and account for about 75 percent of the poor, who are the most affected by climate change. Multimedia journalist Rajneesh Bhandari has produced this short video.

  • Columban study week on Creation, July 2011

    The following film was shot by Mary Colwell during a study week at the Burren, County Clare, a European priority conservation area. The study week in July 2011 included studying the unique geology of the Burren landscape which gives rise to the unique flora and fauna of the place, on both land, river and sea. Human habitation through time in the Burren was also explored since people have lived in and shaped its landscape for thousands of years.