News stories relating to Mission Awareness / Fund Raising

  • IMG_1584 (web450) 4th January 2018

    Seafarers receive 2018 Columban calendar

    Fr Colum Kelly, the Apostleship of the Sea chaplain for Immingham Docks, has sent us some photos of seafarers receiving their 2018 Columban calendars.

  • innkeeper-5X7-copy (web450) 1st December 2017

    Christmas Appeal 2017

    Father Peter Hughes, Columban Director in Birtain, sends Christmas greetings to our friends and supporters, and invites all to make room in their heart for the call of God’s mission.

  • 20170601_091409 (web450) 4th July 2017

    With Love, from Lancashire Hill to Lima

    Who says that little people can’t make a difference?  Fr. John Boles shares the story of how an 11-year old girl from Stockport responded to the devastating flash floods that affected thousands of people in March 2017. 

  • Tomas King and Joti Centre Team (web450) 14th June 2017

    Joti Educational and Cultural Centre

    Fr Tomas King writes from Pakistan about his new appointment as director of the Joti Educational and Cultural Centre and the opportunities this provides. 

  • DSC_0713 (web450) 1st June 2017

    Update on violent outbreak in the Philippines

    Columban Fr. Vincent Busch writes from southern Mindanao on the continuing violence between the government and Maute terrorists and shares his fears for the Church and Subanen people he knows who are being held as hostages.

  • Reuters pic (web450) 23rd March 2017

    Columban response to ‘Devastating’ Floods in Peru

    In the wake of unprecedented flooding in Peru, caused by exceptionally warm water in the Pacific Ocean fueling torrential rain along South America’s west coast, Columban missionaries working in the country report on their devastating impact.

  • Flame2017HOPE (web450) 14th March 2017

    Columbans at Flame 2017

    The Columban JPIC team, mission office and lay missionaries were represented at the gathering of 10,000 young people and their youth leaders at Flame 2017 at Wembley Arena, North London, on Saturday.

  • IMG_9323 (web450) 8th March 2017

    Parish Welcomes Centenary Altar Cloth

    On Sunday 5th March, the people of Blessed Robert Grissold parish in Balsall Common, Solihull, gave their usual warm welcome to the Columbans, who attended Mass and invited them to add their names to the Centenary Pilgrim Altar Cloth.

  • Columban-29 (web450) 6th March 2017

    A Call to Communion for Columban Centenary

    Lay missionary Nathalie Marytsch explains how the Centenary Pilgrim Altar Cloth gives expression to the Columban story of mission beginning in China in 1918.

  • SGJcropped (web450) 9th October 2016

    Sharing Gospel Joy 22 October 2016

    All are welcome to delve deeper into mission and the joy of being missionary disciples at ‘Sharing Gospel Joy: Perspectives on Mission Today’ on Saturday 22nd October 2016 in London.