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  • 140x105 16th June 2015

    JPIC Policy Statements of the Columban Missionary Society

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  • john muirbk 23rd February 2015

    Review: Mary Colwell’s book ‘John Muir’ by Ellen Teague

    Mary Colwell, the producer of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Shared Planet’, has a special interest in the relationship between religion and the natural world. A Catholic, she has been a consultant to the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales on environmental justice. I first met her ten years ago when she gave a talk in Clifton Cathedral, in the presence of Bishop Declan Lang, called ‘The Pope and the Iceberg’. We saw a projected image of a wonderful Philippine eagle fly across the concrete cathedral and Mary called for “concern, stewardship and responsibility for the world to be put right back into the heart of everyday Catholic thinking”. She has been a constant collaborator with the Columban JPIC team.

  • Trewby 2nd May 2014

    New Book – Columbans on Mission

    Columban mission is revealed in the words of those at the coal face in a new book of stories by Columban priests, Sisters, lay missionaries and the lay men and women with whom they work.