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  • Flame2017HOPE (web450) 22nd March 2017

    Columban Flame Videos

    The Columban JPIC team, mission office and lay missionaries were represented at the gathering of 10,000 young people and their youth leaders at Flame 2017 at Wembley Arena, North London, on Saturday.

  • Flame2017CardinalBoatpodium (web450) 16th March 2017

    An Interview with Cardinal Bo of Myanmar

    Ellen Teague interviews Cardinal Bo about the influence of missionaries in Myanmar.

  • manila-flood 3rd May 2012

    South Asia and the changing climate

    South Asia and the changing climate
    Climate change has already deeply affected the economic growth and development of South Asia. About 70 percent of South Asians live in rural area and account for about 75 percent of the poor, who are the most affected by climate change. Multimedia journalist Rajneesh Bhandari has produced this short video.