News stories relating to Myanmar

  • Flame2017CardinalBoatpodium (web450) 16th March 2017

    An Interview with Cardinal Bo of Myanmar

    Ellen Teague interviews Cardinal Bo about the influence of missionaries in Myanmar.

  • Interfaith March for Peace 6th October 2016

    Myitkyina, Myanmar, about 30,000 people are marching for peace

    “Today (6th October 2016) in Myitkyina, near to 30,000 people are marching for peace and against the severe active offensive attack of the Burmese military against Kachin ethnic groups.

  • DSCN0095 Boarding School students affected by floods (web450) 15th September 2015

    School Devastated By Myanmar Floods

    Fr. Neil Magill has sent to us a heart-wrenching e-mail from Myanmar priest Fr. Noel, whose aspirations and hard work to provide an education for children in Hakha have been devastated by the recent flooding.

  • Myanmar Floods 1 (web450) 17th August 2015

    Floods in Myanmar

    Fr. Carlo Sung, spokesperson for the new Columban Mission team in Myanmar, reports from Yangon on the deadly floods affecting the country.

  • Two children in Myanmar(web450) 3rd September 2014

    Myanmar Bishops Speak Out

    Three bishops in Myanmar have released a statement concerning the armed conflict in Kachin State in the north of the country.  As the Columbans prepare to renew a formal presence in the country, the Columban Superior General