News stories relating to Mission Awareness / Fund Raising

  • Flame2017HOPE (web450) 14th March 2017

    Columbans at Flame 2017

    The Columban JPIC team, mission office and lay missionaries were represented at the gathering of 10,000 young people and their youth leaders at Flame 2017 at Wembley Arena, North London, on Saturday.

  • IMG_9323 (web450) 8th March 2017

    Parish Welcomes Centenary Altar Cloth

    On Sunday 5th March, the people of Blessed Robert Grissold parish in Balsall Common, Solihull, gave their usual warm welcome to the Columbans, who attended Mass and invited them to add their names to the Centenary Pilgrim Altar Cloth.

  • Columban-29 (web450) 6th March 2017

    A Call to Communion for Columban Centenary

    Lay missionary Nathalie Marytsch explains how the Centenary Pilgrim Altar Cloth gives expression to the Columban story of mission beginning in China in 1918.

  • SGJcropped (web450) 9th October 2016

    Sharing Gospel Joy 22 October 2016

    All are welcome to delve deeper into mission and the joy of being missionary disciples at ‘Sharing Gospel Joy: Perspectives on Mission Today’ on Saturday 22nd October 2016 in London.

  • Tomas King (web450) 30th August 2016

    September Appeal 2016

    As Columbans begin their pilgrim journey toward the centenary year of the Society in 2018, Regional Director Fr. Peter Hughes reflects on the value and significance of ‘anniversaries’ as staging points that prepare us for the onward path of God’s mission.

  • Visit to a mosquecropped 12th July 2016

    Invitation to Mission in Britain US Delegation

    Extracts from the blogs of 10 Columban co-workers and supporters from the US who visited Britain 3-10 July 2016. They were based at St. Columbans in Solihull.

  • luda1 (web450) 1st July 2016

    I have chosen Love

    Luda, a Columban Lay Missionary from the Philippines assigned to Korea, reflects on her experience of cross cultural mission and how love has shaped her journey.

  • IMG_0182 (web450) v2 18th May 2016

    What Columban supporters did next

    From book barrows to breakfasts, parachute jumps to pilgrimages, some Columban supporters are not content to receive the Far East magazine and send a donation.  What could you do?

  • CycloneWinston3 (web450) 1st May 2016

    Strength and tenderness

    Following the devastation caused by Cyclone Winston on 20-21 February, Fr. Sean Coyle reflects on the importance of the family, especially grandparents, and of passing on the Christian faith in times of adversity. 

  • GI06PntW0jMUJZdtG8h_soI4hQ4WyKv8U8lqShbFpjg (web450) 3rd December 2015

    Columbans at work in parishes

    At the National Evangelisation Conference in July, the Columbans shared some examples of their mission experience in parishes in Fiji, Chile, Pakistan, Peru and Britain, in which lay people play a pivotal role.