News stories relating to Worldwide Columban Mission

  • first-group-001-thumbnail 25th October 2013

    Columbans Celebrate 80 Years in Korea

    On Tuesday 29th October, the Catholic Church in Korea will celebrate 80 years since the Columbans first arrived in the country with a Mass of Thanksgiving in Myeongdong Cathedral. 

  • 140x105 4th October 2013

    China Formation Committee, Narrative Report: for Year ended June 30th 2013.

    China Formation Committee Missionary Society of St Columban Narrative Report: for Year ended June 30th 2013.

  • torstcatherines1a 3rd October 2013

    Thank you for your support

    Columban missionaries around the world are very grateful indeed for the generous response to our September Appeal in Britain.  Thanks to your support, we can continue to be companions to the poor in Asia, Britain and Latin America

  • chiledisappeared 18th September 2013

    40 Years on – Columbans remember Chile’s Coup

    The fourtieth anniversary of the military coup in Chile that overthrew the democratic government of President Salvador Allende on 11th September 1973 was charged with memories, sentiments of disbelief, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

  • csfc-photo-1a 11th July 2013

    Students Support Manuel Duato School

    Sixth-form students from Essex have raised an amazing £20,000 for the Manuel Duato School for children with learning disabilities in Lima, Peru. 

  • 121126-china-children-of-migrants 13th May 2013

    Invitation to Pray for the Church in China

    One of the legacies of Pope Benedict XVI is his plea to Catholics throughout the world to pray for the Chinese Church, especially on the feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians on May 24th.

  • the-first-two-jingpo-priests2 29th April 2013

    Pride in Ordination of Kachin Priests

    Indigenous Kachins are celebrating in Myanmar and China as a Kachin is ordained to the priesthood in China. Columban missionaries have a long history of working with the Kachin, particularly in Myitkyina Diocese.

  • fathermullins 16th January 2013

    Parish tribulations in Mexico

    Father Kevin Mullins steers his old Chevy pickup up a steep road to a hilltop dominated by a large statue of the virgin.

  • eamonn-obrien-gives-out-the-soccer-awards-on-columbans-day 12th December 2012

    Sorrow and Soccer in Myanmar

    While the public story on Myanmar is positive, the situation of the ethnic minorities continues to be a major challenge.

  • staff-and-students-at-the-30-day-retreat 12th December 2012

    Columban Mission in China

    Eamonn O’Brien, Director of UK-based Cultural Exchange with China, returned to the London office this week after several months in China.