China Revealed

30th October 2013 - by Stephen Awre

Fr. Eamonn O'Brien speaks about his experiences of China, its people and the work of the Cultural Exchange with China.
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In a new interview, Fr. Eamonn O’Brien SSC speaks about the work of the Cultural Exchange with China, a charity supported by the Columbans. 

Aged 11 Fr. O’Brien saw the picture of a Chinese ‘junk’ boat on the cover of the Columban Far East magazine and so began a fascination with China that is now the heart of his Columban ministry.  In these short videos, filmed on 6th October, Fr. O’Brien shares the efforts of the Cultural Exchange with China (registered charity 1082071) to build bridges between the Catholic churches in China and Britain.

Interview with Fr. Eamonn O’Brien

The Missionary Society of St. Columban was founded in 1918 as a mission dedicated to China, a ministry which initially lasted until 1954.  Since the late 1980s, contacts with the Chinese Church have gradually been re-established and once again Columbans are supporting the spiritual development of the Church and Chinese society while, at the same time, learning and benefiting from the faith and dedication of Chinese Catholics, who have endured years of persecution.

Stephen Awre, Mission Office Administrator in Britain, recently visited the city of Wuhan in China, where Fr. Edward Galvin, co-founder of the Columbans, began the first mission of the Society in 1920.  He described his experience, which included visiting Catholic communities in the region, as ‘deeply moving and a powerful reminder of the universal Church through which we are all connected.

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