24th August 2013 - by Ellen Teague

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The period 1 Sept to 4 Oct is treated as a special time to remember Creation and the Environment.

This is supported by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, and excellent resources on the 2013 theme of ‘Water Justice’ can be found on their website –

This ties in with the 2013 United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation. The objective of this International Year is to raise awareness about water co-operation, and about the challenges of water management around the world. This a huge challenge in a world facing massive urban growth and climate change.

It also ties in with ‘Water’ as a theme of Columban work for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.

‘Justice should flow down like waters and righteousness like an ever flowing stream’ Amos 5.24

Today many people live in an environment where water has stopped rolling and the ever flowing streams have dried up and become ‘never flowing’.
In this context of water injustice, the service for Creation Time 2013 (available for download on the CTBI website) invites us to worship the God of justice with the hope that water justice will flow like a river and eco-righteousness will permeate our hearts and minds like an overflowing stream. The service was prepared by the Student Christian Movement of India.

Bible notes are provided that use Amos 5.24 and John 4.15 (the woman at the well) as a starting point, as well as pointing to other biblical resources. A Virtual water cube activity demonstrates how much water it takes to produce many of the foods we eat regularly.

In addition, Operation Noah has produced notes, available at: