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27th November 2018 - by Katie Fitzpatrick

In the December 2018 issue of the Far East we uncover the plight of children forced to scavenge on a rubbish dump, we appreciate a young girl’s efforts to help flood victims in Peru and we follow the journey of a migrant couple fleeing Cuba.

Columban missionary Fr John Boles pays tribute to a young girl from Britain who was moved by the plight of those left homeless by flooding in Peru, and set about helping some of the worst affected. Milagros Hampson was upset to see how a series of flash floods had damaged parts of her mother’s homeland. She organised a ‘pyjama party’ at her school and used the proceeds to start her own relief fund. Providing food and medical supplies to the flood victims was the first priority. After a second round of fundraising Milagros was able to buy toys, picture books and furniture for the children’s playroom in the newly built community centre.

Columban lay missionary Sunhee Kim writes about her ministry in Payatas, the Philippines, helping children trapped in deplorable conditions at a rubbish dump. The landfill and rubbish dump sites are relied upon to provide a living for the local residents who collect the garbage, sell any recyclable waste to the junk shops and salvage some of the materials for their own use to make recycled mattresses and pillows. Children as young as eight years old are working on the landfill sites. Sunhee Kim helps at a chapel close by where free lunches are provided as well as other services for the children and their families.

In Jamaica Fr Bobby Gilmore recalls how a young couple from Cuba arrived unannounced on his doorstep seeking refuge. Juan and Ada were fleeing the Castro regime and wanted to make a new life for themselves in America. Fr Gilmore gives an insight into their stress of departure, the journey, the arrival and the uncertainty of a future in new and unfamiliar surroundings.

We are introduced to Mercy Gavason, a young Subanen woman, who tells Fr George Hogarty how a Columban Christmas card project has benefitted the Subanen people of the Philippines. Mercy says that Sr Kathleen Melia encouraged the Subanen people to defend their lands by protesting to the Government against the mining companies and all those who would destroy the forest out of greed. Mercy describes how each Christmas card and mandala produced expresses their profound love of creation and faith in God who has created such a beautiful world to live in. Her work helps her people gain the resources needed to defend their land and protect the forest.

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