Fulfillment of a Dream

26th September 2014 - by Stephen Awre

On Sunday 30th of March 2014, the dream of the people of Haloki in Pakistan was finally realized when Dar-ul-Baseerat was officially opened.  Fr Liam O’Callaghan was there and bore witness to what your support has helped to achieve.

The local community turned out in vast numbers to celebrate this great moment, to give thanks for their new school and for the future possibilities its existence now promises their children.

More than a thousand people attended the occasion with so much enthusiasm and gratitude, the place was electric with excitement.  Indeed, this atmosphere had permeated the school for the weeks that led up to the event. The festivities were held in the hall, situated in the basement section, which was richly decorated with colourful balloons and pictures.

The occasion commenced with a the cutting of a ribbon to officially open the school, followed by a lively, participative Eucharist having the theme, ‘Healing blindness through Education’.

This was followed by the blessing of the building, welcome greetings for visitors, appreciation for all involved in the building project, especially for the untiring efforts of parish priest Fr Liam, and ended with the announcement of the annual results for all classes from primary to secondary level.

It was an occasion to reanimate the people in relation to education as they witnessed so many children now graduating from the school and pursuing higher studies and some returning to the school who are now on the staff.

The work goes on…

While the solid building is completed, as yet there is no furniture for the school due to lack of finance.  The furniture alone will cost R’s 2,700,000/- (about £27500),  not to mention the science equipment.

For now at least the senior students can move into the new school area using some benches from the primary school.  For all that has been given, including the generous support of Columban beenfactors in Britain, they give thanks and trust Providence for the next phase of the project.

Columban Mission in Pakistan

Fr. Liam ended his tenure as parish priest in June 2014, as the Pakistan Mission Unit has elected to leave the Diocese of Lahore and to focus its mission in the Diocese of Hyderabad.

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