Introducing our new Advocacy Worker Julia Corcoran

18th May 2017 - by Julia Corcoran

Julia LMs archbishop
Julia Corcoran (centre) with Archbishop Bernard Longley, Columban lay missionaries and migrants.
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My name is Julia Corcoran and I am the new Advocacy Worker in the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Team. I will be working two days a week for the Columbans.


If you recognise the name, you may remember me from last year when I volunteered for the Columbans as the ‘Faith in Action Volunteer’, I worked with the team and, in particular, with James Trewby the Columban Education Worker.

What a time to be in advocacy! There will be a General Election on 8 June – three years earlier than expected and only two years after the last one. I will be focusing on climate change and migration. These are two key issues in the world right now but, as with many issues, they have been overshadowed by Brexit. When we woke up on the 24 June 2016, could anyone have predicted where the political world would be right now?! I certainly don’t think I could have. And yet, we need to remember that Brexit isn’t everything. I’m not denying its importance for the UK, the EU and even the rest of the world. But sometimes we have to take a step back from our own lives, our own politics and look at the bigger picture and our priorities.

Thanks to Theresa May calling the election, my immediate priorities have changed slightly. I’m hoping in the next coming months to coordinate discussions with candidates on the importance of parliament and the next government tackling climate change and keeping to the agreements made at Paris in 2015. It is really important that the politicians know that we care about climate change. I’m also hoping to look at how we can get our Church leadership, parishes, and schools to do more on the issues of climate change and migration. I will be working with other organisations, networks and coalitions, such as the Climate Coalition, on some joint projects. As well as all of this, I will be writing for Vocation of Justice about current campaigns and keeping everyone up to date with what I am doing. I’m sure I will have lots to share in the coming months, including how to get involved with some of the campaigns.

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