Introducing our new Faith in Action Volunteer

1st November 2018 - by Ellen Teague

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Catherine Bridgwood is the new Columban Faith in Action Volunteer, based in Birmingham.

She says: I’m really looking forward to my year ahead as the Faith in Action Volunteer! This first month has been a whirlwind of new experiences and new people and I’m already feeling inspired by people who have a passion for the mission of the church in working for justice and peace. I have just graduated with a degree in Geography from The University of Birmingham. My final year project explored interfaith relations, so it has been particularly fascinating for me to see how The Columbans are involved in working towards positive intercultural dialogue. One of the greatest parts of this role is the variety of projects and people I can engage with, so no two days really look the same, and that variety is just what I need as a young person working out what the next adventure in life might be. It looks to be an exciting year, with lots of challenges, and most importantly the opportunity to learn!

She follows in the steps of Jack Edwards 2017-2018 who described his year as “life affirming and life changing”.