Invitation to Mission, Peru 2018

16th April 2018 - by Nathalie Marytsch

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The invitation to mission group who went to Peru returned home last Tuesday and this is the last blog they share on this site. Helen, from Nuneaton tells us what the group did on their last day in Lima.

Father John picked Jack, Hayley, Nathalie and I at 7.15 am to travel to Nuestra Sra. de Guadalupe. It was set in the mid-region between the fully developed area and the newly developing area. They had roads, water and electricity but the chapel was a temporary building made from corrugated metal and wood. This was because the Columban Missionaries do not have the tile deeds so it may well have to be torn down in the future. Inside the chapel was beautiful with statues of our Lady and a large picture of the Ascension. The service was again very joyful as all the masses have been with lots of singing and clapping. A cat joined us and was drinking of the Holy water before mass. The collection was made unusually by a central bowl to which people walked up to make their donations. As at previous masses we held hands and sang the ‘Our father’ to the tune of ‘The Sound of Silence’. we also had a hymn to the tune of ‘Glory, Glory, Halleluiah’. As usual lay people gave the readings and communion and the communion bread was taken and then dipped in the communion wine. The crowd was again blessed with Holy water sprinkled by Fr John with flowers. After mass the congregation were as always very welcoming with much hugging and kissing. cake and juice were sold afterwards to raise money for the chapel.

We drove back to the Columban house along the much quieter Sunday roads stopping along the way to call into the house of Fr John. The other members of our group Trish, Claire, Sophie and Mishel went with Fr Ed to the chapel where he gave the Easter mass last week and were introduced to a large First Holy Communion group led by the young in the Parish.

After lunch the invitation mission programme was drawn to a close by a final meeting of all the participants with Fr Cathal, Fr Ed and Fr John. Everyone expressed their gratitude for the very positive experience, the warm welcome of both the Columbans and the people of Peru. The Columbans also felt they had benefited from the experience.