Invitation to mission programme, Peru 2018

2nd April 2018 - by Nathalie Marytsch

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A small group from this country and Ireland is spending Easter in Lima, Peru on a missionary experience. Here Sophie C from London shares some of the group’s journey.

Having arrived at five on Good Friday morning, we spent the afternoon in search of processions of the stations of the cross in a local parish. I say in search because we had to wind down several different streets, and navigate a few dead ends, to find them. The group I was with joined four different chapels within the parish at different stations of the way of the cross, along with many from the community who came and went or joined in as it passed their house. I was struck by the way that reverential ritual was placed within the everyday – people chatted and handed out cold drinks. Prayerful devotion happened against the backdrop of children playing football. The liturgy throughout was lay led. This was the cross of Christ in the community.

On Saturday night we attended an Easter Vigil at Huandoy parish where we were greeted with great warmth. It began with a bonfire from which we lit our candels before we went inside to proceed with the Mass in a small chapel supported by a lively and appropriately celebratory choir and band. The dousing with water as we renewed baptismal vows stood out. People seemed to find it not only joyous, but also hilarious.

In both cases what was happening was both familiar and unfamiliar, it was good Friday and Easter celebrated in a context different from the one I was used to.


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