Let God rule the world

25th December 2013 - by Stephen Awre

Fr. Don Kill with some of the young people helped by Balay San Columbano

This Christmas, Fr. Don Kill challenges ALL of us to listen to the WORD Among Us, to live more simply, to give up and let God rule the world.  Each year we celebrate the coming of the WORD among us, the Birth of the child who will grow to be our Savior, the Child who brought the promise of Peace on Earth. And yet today, as the WORD groans and people die, too many refuse to listen, to live more simply, to give up and let God rule the world.

This year, let us come to adore the Infant Savior by listening to the WORD and bringing peace to our world and to all who live in our world.

It is truly inspiring to see people respond to the needs of others after a disaster such as the recent, devastating storm that hit a very large part of the Philippines. Millions of dollars and thousands of tons of relief goods have come into the country. Yet, millions still suffer from lack of food, drinkable water, clothing and shelter. It will take months if not years to recover from the depths of this disaster.

I watched on the pier in Cebu City the other day as load after load of destroyed GI Roofing was off loaded from a ship to be reprocessed and made once again into new roofing. How many homes lost, how many dreams destroyed? It is truly inspiring to see the response of all those who have, in one way or another, sent help for those afflicted by such an enormous disaster. But the task is still enormous, indeed, daunting not only in Tacloban, Leyte, but also in many other areas seldom mentioned in the news. I hope we can all send help either through me or others that you trust.

Most of you know that we were spared the worst of the storm. All of those we have been giving life and education to are safe and sound, but I have been helping many of those affected with medicines and funds to repair housing.

The WORD goes unheard by far too many today

The question remains. Why did this have to happen? Why can not the whole of the human species join together to prevent such destructive changes to our weather patterns? It would cost so little from each of us, living a bit more simply, not buying things we do not need, reusing things that we can once more give new life to. Our Saviour gave up living as God and humbly came to live among us. He was the WORD and came to live the Word, the Word of Life and Peace with all creation. HIS simple life should inspire all of us to live more simply so that the WORD might live and have life within us and among us.

What can we do?

This Christmas we, here, are doing without a lot of things because others have a much greater need. We have sent almost all of the clothing and stuffed toys that normally would be given to the poor living near to us and some of which was intended for the kids who live with me, to be distributed to victims of the devastating storm. Even the poor are willing to give to help others who are in greater need.

Each of us can do something to make the world a better place. It might mean for each of us some slight sacrifice: one less toy for each child; one less night out each month; not buying something new when we already have something that is useful; one less trip to the shops saving energy; keeping last year’s clothes and using them again this year and maybe losing a few pounds so that they might fit us again; one less snack of junk food; one less beer or soft drink. It really does not take a lot to begin our journey toward more simple living, but each small sacrifice multiplied by the millions living in our world makes a giant difference.

Imagine, 50,000,000 less trips to the shop each week or 50,000,000 less cans for beer or soft drinks each week, just in the UK. That one less trip to the shop or that one less beer or soft drink each week looks a lot bigger when you look at it in the light of what it means to the WORD made Flesh in which we dwell.

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has exhorted the clergy to drive less expensive and more economical cars. He is telling them “less is better”. He himself lives very frugally in an apartment meant for the helpers at the Vatican. He walks when it is possible to be more with the poor in his own simple way. He often “sneaks out” late at night wearing the garb of a simple priest to visit the sick, the poor and those in prison.

His actions are a living of the WORD, giving it flesh among us. Let us, too, preach the WORD and make IT live in our world.

Fr. Don Kill is based in the Philippines and runs a project called Balay San Columbano to provide education for disadvantaged and neglected children.  For more information about his work, visit: www.balaysancolumbano.net