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2nd March 2018 - by Katie Fitzpatrick

In this issue we join in the celebrations of Fr Pat Visanti who was recently ordained in Fiji. Fr Damian McNeice allows us to read letters dated in 1946 from his great-aunt who was a Columban missionary and one of the first Sisters to go to the Philippines. Finally, we learn of Sr Angela McKeever’s ministry in Chile and her visits to ‘a cruel place’. 

Fr Damian McNeice is a master of Ceremonies to Archbishop Diarmund Martin of Dublin. His great-aunt, Sr Mary Anthony Finnegan, was a Columban missionary in the Philippines during World War II. Sr Mary Anthony joined the order in the 1930’s and was one of the first Sisters to go to the Philippines where she worked in Malasiqui in the province of Pangasinan. Fr McNeice recalls a letter she sent from Malasiqui to her mother and sister after they had not heard any news from Sr Mary Anthony for five years. Her letter was dated 22nd January 1946 and describes an unexpected bomb raid where the Sisters had nothing to protect them expect Our Lady’s mantle.

Sr Angela McKeever tells us of her ministry involving regular visits to the oldest jail in Santiago, Chile. Sr Angela has completed 40 years of mission in Chile and for the past 25 years she has been going to the seriously overcrowded jail where most inmates have severe addiction problems. She is able to bring ‘some hope and light to the prisoners from the word of God’ and she encourages them to join support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous when they are released from prison so that they are able to walk into the light of God.

The Columban region in Fiji opened its centenary celebrations on St Columban’s Day 2017 with the ordination of Fr Pat Roland Visanti in Suva. The ordination ceremony was follow by the customary feasting, dancing and joyous singing by the large Rotuman community of Suva. Fr Pat joined the formation programme in 2007 and spent 18 months in Pakistan between 2014 and 2016 and he will return there in mid-2018.

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Join us as we celebrate our centenary year with a Mass of Thanksgiving held on Saturday 30th June 12.30pm at St George’s Cathedral, Lambeth Road, SE1 6HR. See page 19 of the January/ February Far East for more information.

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