Those Who Journeyed With Us

5th November 2014 - by Stephen Awre

inmemoriam candle (web350)

During the month of November we remember especially members of the Columban community who have died in the past year. Included among them are our generous benefactors, their families and friends.  We give thanks to God for their lives and service to others.

We remember in our prayers the following Columban missionaries who have died over the past year.

Fr. John O’Connell
Sr. Mary Austin Keohane
Fr. Leo Donnelly
Fr. Peter Doyle
Sr. Mary Thomas Chan
Fr. Edward Dolan
Sr. Roberta Remillard
Fr. Eugene Griffin
Sr. Helen Ryan
Fr. Paul Richardson
Serafina Ranadi Vuda
Fr. John O’Hara
Fr. John Griffin

An invitation was sent with the November ‘Far East’ magazine for our benefactors and supporters to send us the names of their departed loved ones who have died.  In just over a week, we have received thousands of replies and these are all being placed before the altar in the chapel of the Columban House in Solihull, where Mass is offered daily.

We will continue to do this throughout November and you can either post or e-mail your prayer intentions to .

Rest in Peace

Lord, be good to them,
And show them all your love.

Lord, be kind to them,
And grant them peace above.

Lord, be merciful to them,
And wipe their sins away.

Lord, be generous to them,
With all my heart I pray.

Lord, be gracious to them,
For the good that they have done.

Lord, be gentle to them,
For sufferings undergone.

Lord, may we meet again at last,
When heaven’s crown’s been won.

Fr. Patrick Sayles SSC