Pathways: Hope for the Journey

15th November 2018 - by Fr Denis Carter

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The Columbans in Australia have produced this excellent resource for the Sunday of Advent 2018, called ‘Pathways: Hope for the Journey’.

It invites us to celebrate the liturgical seasons of Advent in the spirit of the environmental encyclical of Pope Francis Laudato Si’ (LS). Meet Jesus on our pathway through life. He restores our joy and draws us forward in our ecological vocation to belong within the life giving rhythms of Earth itself.

December is observed throughout the Christian world as as a month of prayer and giving to the less well off. Let us give from our substance and not just our excess. Advent celebrations remember a time between the first and second comings of Christ. They are meant to make us ask questions as we oscillate between dream and reality.

Central to the Advent Scripture Readings is a tone of waiting and preparing, longing and watching. They tell stories of searching for meaning to human existence. Church communities have special Advent hymns and practices – a crib, the Magi search. On four successive Advent Sundays we light candles to symbolise the journey.

Let us make Advent a time of meaning for adults as well as joy for children. We can fruitfully search for the presence of God in our world. God can be found revealed in Earth as well as in human history. This liturgical Year C we search for Pathways: Hope for the Journey.

Year C, 2018

Free online Advent Resource

Pathways: Hope for the Journey by is an aid to your Catholic teaching and preaching. It helps us search for God’s presence, revealed over millennia in nature, cultures and people seeking wisdom.

This Catholic resource is suitable for parishes, youth groups, religious congregations, peace, social justice and community groups.

1st Sunday

3rd Sunday

2nd Sunday

4th Sunday


These resources are free, however your online donations are appreciated and will assist us in continuing our missionary work.




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