Invitation to Mission in Pakistan: Reflection 2

14th August 2017 - by Nathalie Marytsch

Mauricio Pakistan
Mauricio Silva in Pakistan

A small group from this country is spending a few days in Pakistan on a learning experience. Here Mauricio Silva, the Interreligious dialogue coordinator for the Columbans in Britain shares some reflections of the group’s journey.

‘Praise be to Jesus’ said the old woman as she put both her hands on my head and that of my companions. The friendly and faithful greeting confirmed what I was feeling on this, our fourth day together visiting Pakistan as part of the the Invitation to Mission programme. It reminded me of the deepest motivation which moves us to participate in this programme: we cannot but praise God for the generosity and kindness of our host. Despite the many barriers which separate us we are here to testify God’s love for all and particularly for the people of Pakistan.

Today was a day of celebration. In the eucharist, songs of praise were sung as a group of about a hundred people gathered at the church of St Paul in Badin. Many children and adults were proudly wearing the green colour of the Pakistani flag and a programme involving young people was delivered to mark the occasion of the Pakistani Independence Day.

Over the past days we have been showered with gestures of friendliness and kindness and today once again the Catholic community of Badin presented us with traditional scarves and caps, symbols of the Sindhu province. Representing the church in Britain we extended our greetings and promised prayers for Pakistan, it’s church and it’s people.

In the evening we celebrated eucharist again. This time with a group of Punjabi families (mainly street sweeper families) from a nearby village. Again smiles and flowers welcome our presence among them and we enjoyed the living hospitality of a family. Like the elderly lady we ended up the day saying ‘Isou Ne Jei’ – Praise be to Jesus!