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3rd September 2018 - by Katie Fitzpatrick

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In the September/ October edition of the Far East, Fr Tomas King’s relatives visit Mirpurkhas in Pakistan, Fr Willie Lee discusses finding his Columban vocation and we pay tribute to the modest hero Fr PJ McGlinchey.

Mark Bowling talks to Fr Willie Lee about growing up in Fiji and the missionary challenge to ‘come down to the grassroots’. From a young age Fr Willie witnessed, and drew inspiration from the Columban priests travelling to his country and building strong relationships with their people-orientated approach, learning the local language and crossing boundaries and cultures.  

Sixteen-year-old Cathal King travelled to Pakistan earlier this year to experience a new culture and to see his uncle Fr Tomas King’s ministry first hand in the small Christian area of Mirpurkhas in Pakistan. He attended a colourful wedding and was impressed at the decorations which gave an insight to how innovative the people are, despite having very little resources. Sawdust was dyed to add colour to the floor underneath the canopy where the couple got married and shared their celebrations. 

Brian Kenny recalls the late Fr PJ McGlinchey whom he interviewed for a radio documentary on the Donegal missionary’s initiatives and projects on Jeju Island in South Korea, which transformed the lives of the islanders. Fr Patrick James McGlinchey arrived in Jeju after the Korean War and was faced with a country ravaged by famine. He gave the people his faith and dedication to build communities from the ground up. Fr PJ died aged 89 on 23 April 2018 in the hospice he built on Jeju Island. In June, South Korea posthumously awarded honorary citizenship to Fr McGlinchey.

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