Something Good

8th October 2015 - by Nathalie Marytsch

Nathalie and the Chinese group of women.

On Saturday 3rd October, 2015 Columban lay missionary Nathalie Marytsch, accompanied a Chinese group of women she supports to participate in the Something Good event outside St Phillips Cathedral in Birmingham.This year the Cathedral is celebrating 300 years and that weekend they held a festival of outdoor arts.

Something Good brought together the work of artists from different faith backgrounds, neighbourhoods and communities across Birmingham. Poet and writer Mandy Ross had visited the Chinese group of ladies to explore with them the theme of Light and Dark. Together they composed a poem which was performed at the event.

The following is the poem with its  English translation.

新晴原野旷, 极目无氛垢。
郭门临渡头, 村树连溪口。
白水明田外, 碧峰出山后。
农月无闲人, 倾家事南亩。

The distant evening view here and far away

From my window I see the sky red gold over the city

And so far as the eye can see, rooftops, and birds flying over

People running for the bus, home to the suburbs

Trees cast long shadows over streets and gardens

Sunset shining on towers and spires, and the hospital on the hill

Silver canals reaching beyond the city’s fringes

This is the time to be still, after the evening cooking is done

And think of evening in the green rice fields, the hills and rivers of childhood.