‘Speak Up’ Week of Action on Climate Change

5th July 2017 - by Julia Corcoran

Julia Corcoran with Columbans Paris climate talks.
Julia Corcoran (far right) with Columbans and Westminster J&P at the Paris climate talks.
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On 1-9 July, a ‘Speak Up’ Week of Action will be taking place across the UK. Speak Up week is an opportunity for everyone to meet with their local MP to encourage them to champion positive solutions to climate change.


The week is organised by the Climate Coalition, and as part of the week, hundreds of people have arranged to meet with their MP to discuss the important issues around climate change. There are a variety of events being organised including tea parties, picnics and nature walks.
With the General Election only three weeks ago, it is an important time for constituents to meet with their local MP to let them know that people in their constituency care about climate change, to get the conversation started on the issue and to hopefully get them excited to be advocates for clean and secure energy. It is a fantastic opportunity for local communities to come together and to show their MP how the community is creating a clean and secure future.
Even if there is not an event in the local area, nobody needs to miss out on a chance to meet with their MP.

Every MP should hold a meeting in the local area called a surgery, which should be advertised on the MPs website.

Or if you’re unable to attend this, tweet or email the local MP about how they can make a difference in tackling climate change and make sure the UK keeps to its promises and targets made during the Paris Climate talks in 2015.

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Julia Corcoran is Advocacy worker for the Columban JPIC team, members of the Climate Coalition.