Thank you for your support

23rd December 2013 - by Stephen Awre

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On behalf of Columbans everywhere, we thank our supporters in Britain for their amazing response to our Christmas Appeal.  Your generosity, prayers and cards have made it a busy time in the Solihull Mission Office and we are very grateful indeed for your continued support for Columban mission. 

The Columban Calendar 2014 announces on the inside back cover our vision to be an intercultural community that is Called to Communion in the task of mission, crossing boundaries for the life of the world, living and working in solidarity with the poor.  Without you, however, our ability to achieve this mission would not be possible.

The Far East magazine and our letters sent to you each year are in themselves a ‘call to communion’ and you remain steadfast in your commitment, part of a global mission family that gives strength and encouragement to Columban priests, sisters and lay missionaries to continue their friendship with the poor and the marginalised.  Thank you! 

Know that you are remembered always in the prayers and Masses of Columbans around the world. 

There is still time to make a contribution to the Appeal.  Please visit our donation page for ways to give.

We acknowledge every donation by letter or e-mail, however small, unless you request us not to do so.  Recently, we have experienced difficulties in sending out these letters, but a large number were sent on Friday 20th December and should hopefully arrive before Christmas, to give you assurance that your donation has been safely received. 

If you are expecting this letter and it does not arrive over the Christmas and New Year period, please contact the Mission Office from Thursday 2nd January on 01564 772 096 and we will be glad to confirm receipt of your donation by phone. 

A very Happy and Holy Christmas to everyone!