Together for the Common Good

6th September 2013 - by Ellen Teague

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‘Understanding how faith-based collaboration can work best for the common good’ is the theme of an ecumenical conference taking place in Liverpool this weekend.

It is being streamed live at to help as many people to be involved as possible. Live streaming starts 8pm Friday 6th September.
The conference can also be followed on Twitter @T4CG.
Among over 170 delegates is Archbishop Bernard Longley, Anne Peacey (who chairs the National Justice and Peace Network), and Columban Ed O’Connell.


Speaker Lord Glasman says, “In order to renew solidarity and resist the domination of money a politics of the Common Good is necessary. A common good that is based on a reconciliation between faithful and secular, and most importantly, between the church and labour. There is no better place to talk about this than Liverpool….”
Speaker Phillip Blond says, “Only the revival of a politics based on the Common Good can offer what we so desperately need. It’s no accident that Bishops Worlock and Sheppard first broached this issue in Liverpool…it’s right and proper that we build on this transformational legacy to create once again a politics of the Common Good…”
Speaker Neil Jameson says, “…it is more important than ever that the institutions of Civil Society understand and pursue their shared self-interest and work together to make ‘The Common Good’ a reality….Citizens UK is pleased to be involved in T4CG and commends this thoughtful and creative initiative to others.”
+Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster has sent a message to the conference saying, “‘Together for the Common Good’ holds great promise not only for those who will take part in the enterprise but also for many who carry the burden of hardship today.”
Together for the Common Good is a national initiative, inspired by the Sheppard Worlock years, exploring how different Christian traditions and other faith communities can work better together for social justice.