Vocation for Justice, Spring 2017 issue

10th February 2017 - by Ellen Teague

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The Spring 2017 issue of Vocation for Justice, the Columban newsletter focusing on Justice, Peace and Ecology, asks ‘What does creation-care look like in the Age of Trump?’


The editorial suggests that a strategy for Christian activists in the United States will include engaging in legislative and legal decision-making, mobilising churches, using media and social media for moral purposes, standing up to hateful words and acts, and public protest. There will be a particular focus on trying to maintain funds to address climate change.

For the Columbans in Britain, Creation Care means underlining the mission of calling the Church to respond to environmental crises everywhere. They say: “Whether the occupant of the White House is sympathetic or not, whether the Church at large understands or not, our task is to continue to proclaim this truth: God loves creation, and has given us the task of taking care of it and of caring for the vulnerable communities facing the impact of environmental degradation first hand.

The issue looks particularly at the subject of ‘Water’. Columbans live and work in communities where access to quality water is limited due to economic and environmental policies and practices. They support local communities trying to keep their access to water. Increasing privatisation and commodification of Water is challenged, and access to Water underlined as a human right.

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