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28th April 2017 - by Stephen Awre

Warmi Huasi 3 (web750)

Children in the dusty, barren neighbourhood of San Benito on the outskirts of Lima in Peru have become protagonists for change thanks to project Warmi Huasi, supported by British Columban Fr. Ed O’Connell.

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Begun in 2011 as an initiative of Columban parish Our Lady of the Missions, project Warmi Huasi (‘Women’s Place’) identified children and their mother’s as those in greatest need of social and educational support.  The children quickly became the focus of the project’s work, as they were able to spend most time with them through a dedicated centre, library and homework clubs.

Fr. Ed recently sent two videos showing the progress made by some of the children, who have become aware of their rights and empowered to influence local decision makers.

We Have Rights too: https://youtu.be/wiI5lZqJMG0

Children In Action: https://youtu.be/QYDua9kloQo

Following the success of the project in San Benito, Warmi Huasi has now been invited to work in remote areas of the Southern Peruvian Andes, employing the same method of working with and through the children to bring about lasting change, in partnership with local parishes and statutory authorities.

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Columbans Respond to Devastating Floods in Peru

In the wake of devastating floods in March, and thanks to the generous response of our benefactors around the world, the Columbans have committed US$40,000 to the relief effort of three dioceses affected – Chimbote, Chosica and Carabayllo – and the Conference of Major Religious Superiors. 

Fr. Cathal Gallagher, Columban Director in Peru, reported that β€œthe task of reconstruction will take years… [and] Church organizations will need to play an important role.” 

Thank you for your support!