Winter, Vocation for Justice

19th October 2017 - by Ellen Teague

VocforJus winter cropped 2017
Voc For Jus winter cropped 2017
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The Winter edition of Vocation for Justice focuses on the theme of ‘Power Shift’, a timely subject to consider for a global society experiencing such apparent political change and uncertainty.


The temptation to despondency over power politics must never overwhelm the tremendous successes of social justice movements, the dramatic growth of the renewable energy industry, and the immense recent efforts of the global Church in making climate justice a centrestage issue, as the centrespread ‘Power Shift’ and Ellen Teague’s article on the Anthropocene reminds us. Building on the theme of responsibility in authority, Julia Corcoran reflects on a recent meeting organised by Al Gore to launch his latest climate change film, asking where we go from here.

This edition is a call to remember that we can all contribute to empowering the weakest in this world. A just and fair world is ours for the making and each of us has a role to play.

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