Response to Trump withdrawal from Paris Agreement

2nd June 2017 - by Julia Corcoran

Columban JPIC in Paris
Julia (second from left) at the Paris Climate talks in December 2015.
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As the Columban Justice & Peace Advocacy Worker, specialising in Climate Change and Migration, I often joke to friends that I am the ‘Anti Trump’. We know Donald Trump’s views on migration (it involves building walls) and now we are in no doubt of his views on Climate Change.

It will be no surprise for you to hear that as soon as US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement was announced on 1 June quite a few people sent me the link letting me know the news. However, I must hand it to Trump, that in one way he has made a greater effort to ending Climate Change than he may ever know.

That sounds strange, but right now, it isn’t just people like myself (who could probably talk about Climate Change all day) who are annoyed, people who have maybe never even thought about Climate Change and its impact on the world, are now thinking about it, are now talking about it because of Donald Trump’s decision.

Therefore, now is the time for us to act, now is the time to engage those people. Getting them signing petitions, getting them changing their lifestyles and most importantly getting them to vote on what is going to be in the interest of everybody in the long term, not just in the individual interest in the short term.

Next week, the UK votes for who is going to represent them both in Parliament and on a global scale. Two days ago, a debate between the leaders (and some substitutes) of the Political Parties happened. The penultimate question was about Climate Change and its impact on the UK and the world. Thank goodness someone asked a question on one of the most important issues right now. We got answers from each of the parties about how they would respond if elected to govern. And that is something to think about on polling day. This election is not just about Brexit, it isn’t just about Climate Change, it is about how the population of the UK want their decisions made for them.

On Thursday 8 June, we won’t directly vote for who we want to be the next Prime Minister, we will vote for an individual to represent our area, an individual to represent our views in Parliament. Today, is a good day to find out how the people who want your vote, would vote on a whole range of issues from Human Rights to Transport and of course on how they would tackle Climate Change. CAFOD have an easy way to find out about what your candidates’ views on tackling poverty and Climate Change are. You can do so by clicking on the link

On 9 June, the world needs the UK to stand up for the interests of everyone. We can’t afford to have a government who are going to follow Donald’s Trump decision. We need a government that is going to keep to its promises made in Paris and, hopefully, exceed them.

PDF ‘Laudato Si and the Political Party Manifestos’ 

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