Focus on Creation Care in Vocation For Justice

29th May 2018 - by Ellen Teague

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The Columbans feel it is to be lamented that many Christians are suspicious of terms like “environmentally sustainable,” or “eco-friendly.” Too many ignore genuine dangers – climate change, deforestation, soil depletion – while adopting foolishly anti-environmental rhetoric.


Perhaps we’ve ceased thinking of God as actively involved in caring for creation. We’ve forgotten that the world is a place so cherished that God enters into covenant relationship with it (Gen. 9:8–17), so beautiful that God promises to renew it (Isa. 65:17–25), and so valuable that God takes up residence within it (John 1:14 and Rev. 21:1–4).
The centre pages present ideas for celebrating the Day of Prayer for Care of Creation on 1 September and the longer Season of Creation. The programme ‘Global Healing’ being prepared by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, is a welcome addition to resources.
Pope Francis’ phrase in Laudato Si’, Integral Ecology, embraces connected spheres – ecology, care for the poor, economics, lifestyle, politics and lifestyle. There is an integral connection between Justice, Peace and Care for Earth. Because climate change amplifies all forms of injustice – hunger, refugees, racism, poverty, inequality, war – defence of creation is a campaign for justice. By reorienting what we prize through new approaches to spirituality, lifestyle, worship, preaching, education and advocacy we can honour creation as we cultivate hope and discover new joy.

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